Is it, or is it Not?

Black shadowed background with black apple and white slice cut out
Photo via Elijah O’Donnell

It occurs when the oppressor feels as though they have become the oppressed, and the socio-economically oppressed appear as their “oppressors”.

Does it still exist?

Divide between blue and pink sides of a photo, with a blue toy car on the pink side
Image via Moose Photos

Photo by Anna Shvets

Photo by Piyapong Sayduang

And how it’s different from Freedom of Speech.

Zero likes on Instagram sign
Photo by Prateek Katyal

And how its affecting the public.

Hand reflection in broken glass shards
Photo by Thiago Matos

How do legends reflect our cultural histories?

Hand holding a lit sparkler
Photo by Denisha Sandoval

And the fickle nature of celebrity status.

By Alex Andrews

How deep do our differences go?

Person hidden behind stack of books
By pixabay

Is “natural” really the new beautiful?

Via Moose Photos

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